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What Hurricane Sandy Taught Us About Coastal Properties

Of the 10 coastal projects that Newick Architects has been involved with in the last decade, none saw major damage. Siting and materials, construction details and common sense proved to be invaluable in preventing catastrophic loss.


We have worked on quite a number of coastal, waterfront and wetlands sites and we have come to appreciate the oportunity of these spectacular places. We also have direct experience with the special requirements of structure, materials, light and siting - some of these the practical and emotional response to qualities of particular sites and some the resolution of contemporary code requirements. These requirements can be substantial and definitive and must be considered from the very begining in any coastal design project.

The results of course can be breathtaking and are the reason that we return to these special places again and again.





  The Water House

The view from the Sound Midpoint of the "Renovation" The existing house - the starting point
  The Kanter House
The view from the water's edge. The existing construction was not very good. The existing house - Very straight forward, covered in light blue vinyl siding.
  Juniper 15      
  The Western Wall House      

The Small Ceiling

  Westbrook House      
  The Coleman/Macri House      
  The Litt Weekend House